Energy Audit is designed to be a companion to Plug-in Energy Meters.
Aiding the average household user to identify where energy is used, and therefore reducing their consumption.
Energy Audit is specificaly designed for Australian Electricity Suppliers Billing methods and currency.
Energy Audit can also be used to check 'socalled' usage on Electricity Bills, energy 'Star' Ratings,
as well as compare individual items cost.

Energy Audit was inspired in part by my own rising energy costs (Inetgral Energy and Energy Australia were both of little help),
combined with the fact the only other software out there didn't accomadate Aussie Rate types,
most were over priced and/or under developed.
Also to 'stickit' to the big energy companies.
Energy Audit is FREEWARE FOR HOME USE (ie You may NOT use it to make money off others).
A free version WILL always exist although, with enough development, I may, in future, introduce a Cheap Shareware Version (with enhanced features)

Energy Audit is still in development, these are Beta Versions and probably still have a few bugs, please let me know through 's bug tracker.

NEWS 27 Mar 2011, Well.. NO NEWS
Due to starting a new Job, development has slowed a little, but will continue.
Check out the side project if you own an "OWL+USB CM-160"
NEWS 6 Mar 2011
Build 51 is now available
-ReBuilt Comparison Code
-ability to sort database
-Fixed error calculating Duty Cycle
-See Help for Explanation of New Features
although I would have like to have the Graphs finshed , several MS bugs have slowed development, so this has been pushed to the next build

NEWS 14 Feb 2011
Build 50 is now available
-Some Bugfixes and Delete items has been implemented
-An 'Official' freeware license is included

NEWS 13 Feb 2011
Beta Help system is started
NEWS 13 Feb 2011
V1.0 Build 49 is now released
-Checks on Test Duration (/Bill /Year) implemented.
-Fixed Test Duration summary Displaying 7Days, 24Hours and 60 min
-A few other quirks
New Suff:
-Timed Rates (TOU) are now implemented (People on these rates should perform any 'Long Term' tests in 24Hr blocks)
-About Box. Yay
-Just 'UnRar' and copy the exe to Energy Audits Directory

NEWS 11 Feb 2011
V1.0 Build 48 is now released and containes a few bug fixes. Just 'UnRar' and copy the exe to Energy Audits Directory