Power Measurement

This is the quickest of the two methods but has the greater capacity for errors.
Simply plug each item of interest into your 'energy meter' and enter the following readings

Standby - Required - The Power in (W) the item uses when in standby.
Operating - Required - The Power in (W) the item uses under normal use.
Peak/Surge - FYI - Either the Maximum Power or Startup Surge in (W)
Est Usage D/W - Required - How many Days per Week you use that item.
Est Usage Hr/D - Required - How many Hours per Day you use that item
Use Est (Tickbox) - Tells 'Energy Audit' to use the Power and Usage figures for its calculations

Calc Average WHr - The average energy usage over 1 Hour. Expressed as WattHours (1000WHr = 1kWh)
Duty Cycle - The Ratio of on to off time for an item. 0% = Always off. 100% = Always on.

For example a TV should have a standby of around 20W and operate on say 180W (This will vary with the picture,
so you will need to watch the readings for a minute or two). 'Energy Audit' will use these figures, combined with your
Estimation of that Items Usage, to calculate the items Average Hourly Energy requirements

 - Uses User estimated usage, less accurate
 + Quick to build overall database
  Make sure you tick the checkbox to use estimations